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50 micron printing accuracy

large-size printing

High-end configuration

Lives up to 2,000 hours

LED touch panel

Support for multiple formats

Independent research and development

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Skyform series high precision light curing 3D printer

High-end configuration, large-size printing, 50 micron printing accuracy, lower price, suitable for jewelry, dentistry, industrial design, toys and other fields.


*Lives up to 2,000 hours

*LED touch panel

*Support for multiple formats

*Independent research and development



Machine size: 635x420x1375mm

Print size: 96x54x140mm

Pixel size: 50um


Machine size: 635x420x1375mm

Print size: 112x63x140mm

Pixel size: 58um


Machine size: 795x500x1375mm

Print size: 213x120x200mm

Pixel size: 111um


Layer thickness: 25-100um

Forming principle: DLP UV Light projection Molding

Light source: UV LED Light Source

Control mode: 10 inch touch screen system control  

Pixel resolution: 920x1080

File format: stl, slc

Transmission mode: USB/EtherNet/WiFi

Power supply parameters: 220V/1000W


Application areas: Jewelry Wax mold, denture wax mold, watch model, Dental prosthetic models, orthodontic teeth molds, surgical guides, jewelry wax molds, toy prototypes

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